A small contingent of Texas gun enthusiast freedom fighter militia club member types accidentally scared the shit out of a couple workers at a fast food joint the other day.

After their protest rally earlier that day in the area - they stopped in for some grub - with rifles on their backs and holstered pistols as well inadvertently leading these good people the militia fights the government everyday to protect to become "those terrified workers hiding in the walk in cooler " in the back of the kitchen.


Apparently - from the article I saw reporting about this hilarious event - many people including the local police department - are advising groups like this to agree it is not unreasonable of them to ask for a group like this to give local police a heads up by "making a simple phone call to alert us" that they would be conducting a rally or a march or some other type of public demonstration to inspire others in the community to the call for support of love for the second amendment, and for...because...'Murica. I Know right but anyway.

Militia Man Leaders have flat out refused to entertain this "heads up" idea. They wisely re-iterated that their rights to free assembly guarantee they have NO obligation to alert ANYone of their intended public activities - and as such they will be certain now to absolutely never allow any member to give the police this kind of requested "heads up" call.


The Leader cited that beyond this God given right to free assembly - that they have valid concerns that the police want to silence them and with help of Obummers' NATO [Federal] storm troopers - police likely would use any "heads up" phone call as a surveillance start point to activate the network of Black Helicopters and Rocket Drones maybe - to thwart their Patriotic Mission more easily.

Here is the linked article.

Illustration for article titled No Way - Say Texas Militia Patriots

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