A friend of mine started a company that makes a rear view mirror with integrated apps and dash/reverse cams - plus radar and laser detector diffusers as an add on - Basically looks like iPhone home screen but in the rearview mirror.

All can be linked between Your smartphone via bluetooth - for say uploading a mapped route - playing music or video from the phone etc..


To have all the function of a high end infotainment system plus the recorder and diffuser package - for about half the cost of a factory system without recording or diffusers - is something we have not seen made "cool" or practical - and so App-Tronics has given it to us. I just never see anything outside of their posts in my Facebook feed so I'm passing it on to Gizmodo and let the chips fall where they may - its a great product - so go take a look -



and another link i got today has a 21 minute video demo...


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